Our History

Our Beginnings: The church began with a considerable number of individuals who left a certain church frustrated in their    pursuit of spiritual truth. The same groCategoriesup continued to gather together for prayer and study of the Word until formally organized in April 1991. God blessed this ministry by adding to their number those who were   being saved.

By the grace of God up until now, we have not lost our zeal and vision that the church must be founded on the Bible as the only revelation of God’s Word. Therefore, we see to it that all our practices and beliefs find their basis in the Scripture.

Our Focus: While we are founded on the Bible as the only revelation of God’s Word, we believe that the message of the Bible focuses on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

Our Meetings: Our meetings emphasize strongly the teaching of God’s Word and an approach to corporate worship which takes seriously the awesome reality of God’s presence in the gatherings of his people.

The Gospel We Proclaim

As we introduce you to our church we wish to tell you first the most important thing about the gospel we proclaim. The word gospel means good news. It is the basic message of the Bible.  However, in order to understand the good news God has for us, we must first know the bad news which the Bible reveals.

The Bad News

The Bible tells us that God is holy, that he  cannot even stand to look at sin. The Bible also proclaims that men – all men – are sinners. This means that we cannot save ourselves or do anything pleasing to God, because men are naturally “dead in their trespasses and sins,” and “those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Therefore it is plain that men cannot reach God by means of their good works or even by religious deeds, for “all our righteous deeds are like filthy rags.” On the contrary, the Bible tells us sin deserves the wrath and righteous judgment of God forever in hell.

The Good News

Since we cannot approach God, or be accepted by him, on the basis of our own good deeds (for we have none), how then can we be saved from his wrath? Here begins the good news. The good news is that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. By his perfect life of righteousness and by his atoning death on the cross to pay the penalty of sin, sinners can   become acceptable to God. But you must turn from your sin and trust in Jesus alone. No one else can save you, for there is only one mediator between God and man-Christ Jesus.

Trust in Jesus alone, and you will be saved!


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